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System XSMALL 1.0 for small models, indoor until approx 1m span

System SMALL 1.5 for small models until approx 1.5m span

System MEDIUM 2.0 for models until approx 1m span

System LARGE 2.5 for large models until approx 2.5m span

System XLARGE 3.0 for large models until approx 3m span

Cube Emitter Cube lights (360 radiation), ideal as an orientation during night flights

LED Stripes LED stripes, self-adhesive

Glow Fiber Luminous fibers for the night fly

Gernot Bruckmann bei der MPX Airshow 2017

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System XSMALL 1.0 System SMALL 1.5 System MEDIUM 2.0 System LARGE 2.5 System XLARGE 3.0 Cube Emitter LED Stripes Glow Fiber


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