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Afterburner Systems

uniLIGHT AB.2 Afterburner control for the strongest rings in SINGLE and DUAL operation 33,25 EUR (without tax, additional Shipping)

Afterburner Abdeckung Aufsatz für Nachbrennerringe zur Verteilung und Streuung des Lichtes, 2. Generation 0,00 EUR (without tax, additional Shipping)

Cooler for Afterburner Ring Spare part and expansion of our afterburner rings, 10 pieces 13,25 EUR (without tax, additional Shipping)

Replacement Wires Original connection cable of silicon 4,92 EUR (without tax, additional Shipping)

Ultra-Power Rings High-performance afternburner rings in Emitter Technology with cooling ducts

Compact-Rings (EDF) High-performance afterburner rings with slightly reduced performance and compact design

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Ultra-Power Rings Compact-Rings (EDF)


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