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Lights and Luminaires

Luminaires 7mm Very small lights profile lights with newest chip generation

Luminaires 8mm Small MINI luminaire with high luminosity

Luminaires 10mm Completely assembled slim lights with internal cooling surface, ideal on wings and tails.

Luminaires 10/24mm Universally applicable round lights with root fairing for installation within GFK pieces

Luminaires 11mm Small profile lights with double emitter

Luminaires 13mm various 12 and 13mm lights

Luminaires 16mm Profile luminaires for medium model size

Luminaires 18mm Profile lights with outstanding light power for bigger aircrafts, our strongest!

Luminaires 24mm Profile lights for best visibility and highest performance.

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Fiber luminaires for very small applications

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Standards Here you can find lights and luminaires which were especially developed and compiled for night an...

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Luminaires 7mm Luminaires 8mm Luminaires 10mm Luminaires 10/24mm Luminaires 11mm Luminaires 13mm Luminaires 16mm Luminaires 18mm Luminaires 24mm Light-Bar DIY Lights Fiber Special Applications Standards


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