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Bundles form a compilation of our products for the listed types of aircrafts. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve an optimal result. Simply select your model parameters and we put together your desired set.


Scale Jets scale and semi-scale jet aircrafts

Sport Jets jet aircrafts without original

Propeller & Turboprop sale, semi-scale and sport modells

Helicopter various helicopters and multicopters

Manufacturer Sorted by manufacturer

Consists of 2-Channel control, landing light(s) and a strobe light (usually) white

Consists of 4-Channel control, landing light(s), beacon (RED), position Lights (RED+GREEN) and, where reasonable, ACL (WHITE). Standard equipment for normal power scale lights

Consists of 4-Channel control, landing light(s), beacon (RED), position lights (RED+GREEN) combined with ACL (WHITE). This configuration prefer high power and easy to mount instead semi-scale lights.

Consists of 8-Channel control (where reasonable), landing light(s), perhaps taxi spotlights, up to 2 RED beacons top and bottom, Position Lights (RED+GREEN+WHITE) and, where reasonable, different ACLs


In contrast to ready sets, bundles may vary minimally depending on the available lights and on our experience - the best result is our goal and therefore, we are working ambitiously to improve ourselves! For this reason, bundles are always packed when placing the order, that is way the processing time may increase. Hence we can react to our customers' special requirements. Almost all spotlights include cool and warm white types. If you write any special request into the comment field when placing an order, we will take this into account.

Please note these are recommondations. Please compare the technical data of the single products and make sure they actually go with your model and the accurate dimensions.

If you don't want or if you can't use individual luminaires on receipt of the bundles, you can return them individually in their original-packing.

Cannot find your aircraft?

Your project isn't listed here? Please send us an e-mail to and we will create the perfect configuration for your aircraft.

Have you purchased a bundle and do you want to use only certain lights for your project? No problem to return individual luminaires of the kit, simply contact us.



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